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Riviera Nayarit Beauty Salon

Riviera Nayarit Beauty Salon Services

Grand Velas Manicure - 50 min -

Revitalize, relax and give your hands a beautiful and natural appearance with an intensive soothing and hydrating treatment. Starting with an exfoliation to eliminate dead cells, the treatment continues with the manicure and application of a nutritive and comforting cream.


Grand Velas Pedicure - 60 min - 

This treatment begins with an exfoliation followed by a cool mask. Concludes with a relaxing massage with obsidian stone to balance your energy.

Diamond Manicure & Pedicure - 100 min - 

Allow us to pamper you with this exclusive treatment which includes a relaxing hand massage and reflexology accompanied by a paraffin treatment. The pedicure includes a massage with warm herbal compresses to help eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation and detoxify your feet.

Margarita Pedicure - 80 min - 

A fabulous treatment for tired, inflamed feet that you will enjoy from our lounge chair with hydro-massage. Begin your pedicure with a coffee exfoliation and mask of regional herbal extracts with anti-inflammatory properties, followed by reflexology points; all while you sip a fresh Spa margarita.

Relaxing Foot Massage - 50 min - 

A special massage for tired or inflamed feet. This treatment pampers and returns vitality to your feet, detoxifying them with a soft exfoliation and relaxing grape seed oil massage; concludes with the application of a fresh cool gel.

Cranial Massage - 30 min - 

Enjoy a moment of interior peace; this delicious massage using craniofacial techniques and acupressure points is guided by a mystic journey. Includes the application of a serum that activates, oxygenates and regenerates the scalp.