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Kids Spa

Mexico Resort Spa Services for Kids

The Kids Spa at Grand Velas in Puerto Vallarta is designed to allow youngsters to enjoy a range of Spa treatments; they'll enjoy relaxing massages and beauty salon services.

Encourage your children's sense of perception and emotions with fun therapies in the tranquility of our Puerto Vallarta Spa. Parents will love the menu dedicated to kids in Puerto Vallarta.  

Mexico Kids Spa Massage Collections

  •  Princess Massage- 25 min. Relaxing massage that hydrates the skin using a light cream that leaves shining sparkles. 
  •  Flower Shower Massage - 25 min. A delicate experience that provides relaxation with a soft rain of flower petals. 

  •  Tarzan and Jane Massage - 25 min. A fun and original therapy with relaxing stretches using a soft stretch of fabric. 
  •            My First Cut. A special experience for kids in a luxury setting with all the amenities necessary for their comfort.       

Spa For Teens in Nuevo Vallarta


Adolescence is the most representative stage of the transformation of our children. Helping them

manage stress, to value themselves and to discover their inner beauty is the beginning of a

metamorphosis; it will help them develop their true colors and the security to fly into their own

marvelous world.

  • Golf Ball Massage – 50 min.  An exclusive and innovative massage using golf balls, whose function is to add strength to the therapist's manipulations in order to achieve a deeper level of relaxation. Stimulates the body's meridians through pressure points, providing integral balance.


  • Organic White Tea - 50 min. The benefits of nature and its 100% organic components will provide you with the perfect hydration and protection. This facial's formula contains organic white tea extract infused with organic waters of barley, orange and mint.  

Spa Recommendations

  •         Children must be accompanied by an adult during treatments. 
  •                    All Kids Spa treatments are provided in the suite

  •                   Use of a bathing suit is required.

  •                  Recommended ages for Kids Spa treatments is 3-12 years.