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Spa Personal Experience

Mexico Spa Personal Experience

Mexico Spa Personal Experience
The Spa at Grand Velas presents us with My Personal Experience; an experience that helps us deeply connect with our inner beings, the rhythm of our bodies, our roots and the centuries-old knowledge of our ancestral cultures. It is an opportunity to care for ourselves and recover the physical and emotional equilibrium that is so often lost and forgotten in today's world.
Here, our struggle against time disappears and our internal clocks are allowed to adjust to their organic schedule and measure biological time in harmony with the natural progression of life. Secluded from urban stimuli, the Grand Velas Personal Experience offers us an ethereal space for profound relaxation, where tropical aromas seduce the senses in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings, providing a memorable experience in a safe environment for rediscovery of the self.
The Grand Velas Personal Experience is a journey for you and your innermost desires, full of flavors, aromas, sounds, and experiences that embody learning by connecting us with the natural world. The incorporation of ancestral rituals and centuries-old techniques illuminates an essential path to regeneration of the body and complete unification of the physical, mental and emotional self.
So reinvent yourself and discover your inner light. The Grand Velas Personal Experience is a retreat of peace and wellbeing where you can begin to live each moment in the prime of your life.