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Riviera Maya Spa Experience

Grand Velas Riviera Maya Destination Spa

Enter a lush jungle haven and embark on a journey where your physical health and emotional wellbeing are encouraged to flourish in a Spa Resort amidst the pristine natural beauty of the ancient lands of the Maya.
Select the perfect Spa Personal Experience for your unique needs. Allow our specialists to help you design the appropriate program to renew your spirit and guide you on a path of personal evolution.
Riviera Maya Mexico Resort Ayurvedic Spa Experience

Hydrothermal Journey

Prepare your body and relax your mind with this ritual, which will help active your metabolism and leave you ready to receive the all of the benefits of your selected treatments. xperiences a sensantion of fully body revitalization through this guided process. 
The Grand Velas Riviera Maya Hydrothermal Journey is composed of seven different water experiences: 

  • Sauna
  • Color Therapy Steam Room
  • Clay Room
  • Ice Room

  • Sensation Showers
  • Hot Tub and Cold Plunge
  • Sensation Pool with different areas