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Riviera Nayarit Spa Packages

Riviera Nayarit, Mexico Spa Packages

Join us for a refuge of wellness and allow us to make your Spa dreams come true in Riviera Nayarit. We invite you to experience Velas Resorts Spas and enjoy exclusive online discounts. Our Spa experts' suggestions are the perfect introduction to our world of tranquility and renewal.

Grand Cora Massage - 80 min -

A highly energetic massage that stimulates your sensorial perception through a ritual of sounds made by natural instruments such as the Kaitsa, Cymbals, Rain Stick and Winchas. This massage helps you eliminate nervous tension, obtaining extraordinary results from the application of warm wood oil and restoring emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness.

Spa Before your Wedding -

Allow us to pamper you and make you look as radiant as you have always imagined yourself on this special day.

Ritual for her 180 min - 

Immerse yourself in a world of sensory emotions to prepare your body, mind and spirit and leave you looking incredible. Begin this ritual with our sophisticated 80-minute Metsere Treatment; an extraordinary therapy using white pearls that impart deep hydration to the skin and black pearls that will make your face look radiant. Continue along the path to wellbeing to channel your emotions and release pent-up energy, achieving complete inner relaxation. Conclude this sensory journey with our Grand Velas Manicure and Pedicure.

Ritual for him 130 min - 

Because the groom must look spectacular on his big day, concentrate your energy while enjoying a 50-minute Sports Massage. This technique strengthens your inner vitality, achieving a balance of energy. Continue your ritual with our 80-minute Gentlemen's Facial to eliminate toxins and relax your senses, bringing freshness and smoothness to your face so that you look amazing; your partner will fall in love with you all over again.
  • Serenity Massage (50 min. / 80 min.) - 

    Relax and recover your vital energy with a full body massage. Tension and accumulated stress will vanish after this delicate and soft treatment, diminishing muscle stiffness and improving blood circulation.

  • Deep Tissue Massage (50 min. / 80 min.) - 

    A massage therapy specialized in muscular relaxation on a deep level, using slow, de-contracting techniques. Releases accumulated stress from exercise and the daily work load. The body artisan will also use a unique instrument that will help you achieve total relaxation.

  • Aromatherapy Massage (50 min. / 80 min.) - 

    Aromatherapy is the art of recovering wellbeing of the body and mind through the use of essential oils. These balance every magnetic center of the body. The essences are absorbed rapidly through the skin or respiratory system, acting upon various physical systems.

  • Therapeutic Massage (80 min.) 

    A personalized therapy that combines various massage techniques such as: lymphatic drainage, reflexology, stretching and acupressure to achieve the benefits of total wellbeing. The body artisan will use the appropriate techniques according to your necessities.

  • Warm Candle Massage with Sea Shells (80 min.) - 

    Experience the warm sensation of organic wax, providing physical and spiritual serenity through a gentle massage with sea shells. Choose the aroma of your choice: lavender, rose, passion fruit or vanilla.

  • Golf Ball Massage (50 min. / 80 min.) - 

    An exclusive and innovative massage using golf balls, whose function is to add strength to the therapist's manipulations in order to achieve a deeper level of relaxation. Stimulates the body's meridians through pressure points, providing integral balance.

  • Personalized Massage (50 min. / 80 min.) - 

    Personalize your massage by selecting from different massage techniques, pressures and areas of the body according to your needs and preferences. At Grand Velas Spa we wish to pamper you and provide you with total satisfaction; we understand that each individual is unique. All massages are strictly therapeutic in nature.

  • Four-Hand Grand Velas Rain Massage (50 min.) - 

    Experience an exclusive massage with the softness of four hands, as you rest beneath the rain of seven showers working in unison from your head to your toes. Personalize your treatment with the aroma of your choice and luxuriate in this unforgettable treatment.

  • Aroma-Lymphatic Drainage (50 min.) - 

    A therapy of purification and release of toxins. It acts upon the lymphatic system through soft, sedating manipulations. Recommended for anti-cellulite treatments as well as pre or post-surgery due to its therapeutic and metabolic effects.

  • Romantic Couple ´s Massage (50 min. / 80 min.) - 

    A renewal of two souls, receiving the energetic transformation of the universe through an ancestral ritual of seeds and fire; balances and harmonizes the couple through a massage that connects them on a spiritual level.